I have not had very much experience with wikis. Of course, I have heard of wikipedia, but when I heard about it I also heard that the information there was not reliable. So I have never really used wikipedia. I realize now that I had no understanding of what a wiki was. I know why I was told that the information on wikipedia is not reliable, but I understand that the reasoning behind that comment was due to the fact that anyone can edit. From professor Decker’s video I learned that you can see how reliable a page on wikipedia is by whether there are any issues visible at the top of the wikipedia page. I think I now feel more confident in using wikipedia and any other wiki as a resource. I also know that the information can be edited by anyone so I know that I would probably need to find other resources that show that the information I have read on wikipedia is correct or not. Although I feel a little more confident with looking up information, I still don’t feel I am an expert in anything to be able to make edits to a wiki page.

Wiki Teachers https://www.wikispaces.com/

I believe that in today’s classrooms we could use wikis for projects between group members where the group has to come up with a product that all of them have worked together on (i.e. a report, a presentation, etc.). With a wiki students can write and read what other members of their group have written and what they know. Students are able to add to what anyone else has written and can make the final product look as if only one person wrote it. The final product would show the amount of collaboration that the group made to make the final product look as if only one person wrote it.


However, some disadvantages to having a wiki assignment for students to work on together can put more stress on the students who like everything to be perfect and that want to make changes to everyones input. Also there is the risk of one students doing most of the work while the others just add a small amount of information. The main advantage that could outshine any of the disadvantages is that using wikis will teach students how to collaborate with others and that will be knowledge that students will take with them through the years and through all content areas.