Clay Shirkey had several forms of evidence to show how social media has become a revolution in technology in our present time. I understood and agree with his thoughts on how social media is changing all previous forms of communication. Now we can share pictures and talk about them with others or simply comment on it and allowing others to view those comments. The conversations don’t have to be two-way, but you know that others are able to read about your point of (1)

I myself have purposely tried to stay away from social media. I had a bad experience once and have stayed away from it ever since. I sometimes feel like an outcast when I have a get together with my family and I see so many of my family members on their phones updating facebook. They sometimes share with me pictures of other family members that we rarely see and I’m able to see them and their families. Sometimes I wish that I could be able to have that, but I can’t seem to let go of my bad experience.

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For that reason I am not too familiar with the different types of social media that exist for personal purposes. In education, I have realized that most students have phones at early ages and it is difficult as a teacher to keep them away from their phones. Sometimes it seems that their phones are a part of their bodies and you can’t just detach it without hurting them. I believe that we can turn this into a good thing. In the past I have observed teachers who have incorporated devices into their lessons and have been able to teach students the topics by allowing them to use the devices that they are most comfortable with. I think that technology use in classrooms will continue to increase and I believe that as teachers we need to just hop on the train and make sure that we are using it in the best way possible to teach content to our students. Our culture will continue to change as technology changes and I think that in the future it will be impossible for anyone to stay away from social media.

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