Hello Everyone!

My name is Nohemi, I am currently attending University of La Verne Central Coast Campus and working on my single subject teaching credential. I am in the last quarter of this program and all I can think about is “I’m almost done!”. I am very eager to finish this program and move up to the bay area to join my boyfriend.

IMG_0465Nohemi Couzin

I am also currently working at a high school teaching Algebra 2. I am teaching on an intern credential. I enjoy every part of the job, the teaching, the relationships you build with the students, and the relationships you build with the staff. I could not have asked for a better first teaching experience than the one I am currently in.


I come from a big family of six siblings, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the sixth one to be born from the seven children that my mom had. So far I am the only one who has completed a college degree. I have a bachelors degree in mathematics and I hope to also receive a masters degree in education once I am done with the credential program.

However, just because I have a teaching job does not mean that I know how to do everything. I am really looking forward to what this class will teach me so that I can aplly it to my many years as a teacher in the future.